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Menthol (L) Crystalline 500g – Pure 99,9% Reagent CAS No.: 2216-51-5



  • Purity: minimum 99.9%
  • Form – solid
  • White color
  • Smell – characteristic mint
  • CAS number: 2216-51-5
  • EC number: 218-690-9
  • Chemical formula: C10H20O
  • Melting point – 41-44 ° C
  • Boiling point – around 212 ° C



  • In water 20 ºC: 4.31E-1 kg / m³
  • In organic solvents – ethanol
  • Log P (o / w): 3.3
  • Molar mass: 156.27 g / mol
  • Density – 890 kg / m³



Menthol is a natural substance found in the oils of many plants, such as field and peppermint, and in essential oils, such as lemon balm, basil, lavender, and sage.

Crystalline menthol is obtained in the oil freezing process, where, after cooling it, the menthol crystals formed in this way are centrifuged.



Thanks to their properties, menthol crystals are widely used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and aromatherapy industries.



Menthol is a substance used as an ingredient:

  • many cold remedies – helping to clear the nose and blocked sinuses
  • ointments – have an anesthetic effect, reducing swelling, dilating blood vessels and warming up
  • toothpastes and mouthwashes – helping to remove bacteria and freshening your breath
  • headache relieving preparations
  • lozenges – soothing sore throat and irritation of the mucosa
  • cosmetics – creams, lipsticks, shampoos and gels – protecting the skin against drying out, cracking and frostbite
  • As a preparation for sauna sessions, it does not affect the body temperature by creating a feeling of coolness and freshness
  • aromatization of handkerchiefs, washing powders, washing up liquids, cigarettes, nasal sticks, fresheners, car fragrances
  • production of chewing gum, candies, alcohols (e.g. mint liqueur), refreshing isotonic drinks
  • inhalation and aromatherapy


Chemical Grade Definitions:

Pure p.a – High purity analytical reagents. Suitable for laboratory and general use.

Pure – Good quality chemicals. May be used for most laboratory purposes, educational, domestic, craft applications. Not pure enough to be offered for food.

Technical – Good quality for educational, domestic, handicraft, agricultural applications. Not pure enough to be offered for food.



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