How caffeine improves athletic performance?

Anhydrous caffeine is increasingly used by athletes as a dietary supplement. It used to be banned in sports. In 2004, WADA removed it from the list of banned substances. Since then, its popularity has steadily increased. How does caffeine affect training and athletic performance? Why is it worth taking supplements with odorless caffeine? Anhydrous caffeine […]

Check when you may be deficient in taurine that is important for your health

Check when you may be deficient in taurine that is important for your health. Whydoes the body producetaurine? Taurine has several important functions in the body: has an antioxidant effect – neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals improves metabolism – participates in the synthesis of bile acids, so it directly affects the digestion of food and accelerates fat loss helps to remove unnecessary fats from the body […]

Mannitol – can you safely replace sugar with it

What is Mannitol? Mannitol is a natural polyhydric alcohol that is found in many plants, such as seaweed, fungi and conifers. The term “alcohol” can be confusing because mannitol does not contain alcohol (ethanol). Mannitol can also be obtained synthetically. In this form, mannitol is used as a food additive. It gives it a sweet taste and binds moisture well. Discovery of […]

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Where to buy benzocaine powder in UK?

Are you wondering where to get benzocaine powder near you? Fastest and easiest way to find benzocaine online. You can get benzocaine extremely quickly in the online store. We provide on time deliveries and high-quality products. Fast delivery of benzocaine powder Fast benzocaine delivery is our standard. Benzocaine powder can be at your home […]

Benzocaine price

Are you a type of person who makes a choice by analyzing the value for money? Not everyone can do it. But it is easy to learn. Benzocaine at is a purchase that pays off for you. Think about the benefits you can get. We guarantee that our benzocaine powder has strictly defined parameters: […]

Did you know benzocaine was discovered in 1890?

What does benzocaine look like and what is it? Benzocaine is a chemical compound, in the form of a white powder or colorless crystals. It dissolves poorly in water, but good in dilute acids, as well as almond oil and olive oil. It belongs to the group of p-aminobenzoic acid esters (PABA esters) and belongs […]

Benzocaine in the UK

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Benzocaine And The Ephemeral Relief  Benzocaine, available in the market as a powder that is often used as an antiseptic to numb tooth pain. Benzocaine is a non-oral, odorless, white, crystalline powder derived from aminobenzoic acid and ethanol. It is also one of the most popularly used medical drugs that can be found in various […]

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There is no chemical compound more omnipresent and commercially used in myriad of industries than boric acid, also known as hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid, acidum boricum or trihydroxyborane. It was first discovered in 1702 and synthetically made through a chemical reaction of borax — a naturally occurring mineral of a specific crystal structure […]

Buy Benzocaine Powder UK

Benzocaine, a solid chemical compound commonly distributed in the form of so-called benzocaine powder, has been used since 1902 when its first iteration named Anästhesin was introduced into the market by the German chemist Eduard Ritsert, actually one of the first real fathers of modern anesthesiology. Back then in the late years of the XIX […]